I am not addressing a style, but the complexity of each one.

I do not limit the choices but multiply them by allowing everyone to assert themselves with refinement, elegance and singularity in a luxurious and bohemian atmosphere.

Through new and exclusive collections, I offer diversity always guided by a permanent quest for balance and incomparable comfort.

Also, I wish to continue to preserve the subtlety of materials, the harmony of textures, the play of patterns, in love with beautiful materials I put the material at the center of everything

Beautiful material still exists... traditional craftsmanship associated with moving currents shines through time, proud, timeless.

All over the world, men weave, men travel, women dance and live together.

Their sacred colors, omnipresent in my collections, pay homage to them.

They are powerful and soft, contrasting or light, carrying a message that will become yours.

Fusion of ancestral hues, reinterpreted ethnic motifs, memories of great civilizations and the wildest fulfilled dreams.

The infinite play of colors, present in my new collections, pays homage to these men and women.

They are me, they are us, they are you.

My new collections, absolutely seductive, captivating and sensual, always timeless, are inspired by a bohemian spirit that is luxurious but not pretentious, sophisticated but timeless.

Welcome to an enchanting world, inspired by you, inspired for you