The couture spirit,

Create the sofa of your choice, with the precise dimensions of your ideal, with the atmosphere of your dreams.

From mixes of materials to the choice of couture finishes, each sofa is a unique and exclusive creation.

Whatever the sofa model and the mix of fabrics you choose, we offer you a single price of €1790 per linear meter including fabrics & finishes of your choice as well as cushions.

Our foams, including HR Certipur quality, and our structural wood come from the sustainable management of French forests (PEFC FRANCE label).

Most of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, this label guarantees the absence of toxic products for the environment and the body and is thus committed to respecting the skin of adults and children alike.

Get inspired by custom sofas created by our customers by clicking on our PINTEREST inspiration boards, or make an appointment with our decorators.