Decorator architect in Provence

Decorator architect in Provence

Bérengère Leroy consider that architecture and decoration must be linked to achieve harmony and aesthetic balance in each project.

That is why Bérengère Leroy intervenes on both sides architecture et decoration :

  • Architect, Bérengère Leroy designs the project with you and creates 3-dimensional or freehand perspectives to allow you to project yourself into the future project, manages the administrative file for the building permit, monitors the work until its final reception.
  • Decorator, Bérengère Leroy designs the interior architecture and interior decoration with you. Bérengère Leroy represents your interior decoration project in 3 dimensions to make it easier for you to project into the future project and designs and manufactures your custom bookcases, dressing rooms, kitchens, custom sofas, etc.

The advantages of Bérengère Leroy, decorator architect in provence, which differentiate it from classic decoration firms is that it has its own design studio and its own manufacturing workshop:

  • The design studio Bérengère Leroy which allows each stage of the decoration process to produce 3-dimensional views and to custom design your kitchens, dressing rooms, bookcases and any other object
  • L'atelier Bérengère Leroy which allows you to custom make your sofas, armchairs, headboards, footstools and curtains in an unlimited choice of fabrics

Because a coherent and aesthetically ambitious renovation project cannot treat it differently architecture and the decoration must be thought of at the same time as the architecture, that is to say from the design of the project.

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