Decorator architect for luxury properties in Aix En Provence

High-end decorative architect in Aix En Provence

The greater the scale of the renovation or the more it is necessary to (re)give character and cachet to a building, the more Architectural firm Bérengère Leroy will be able to bring you added value thanks to its know-how in terms of aesthetic transformation and restoration of exceptional residences à Aix en Provence .

Le Bérengère Leroy architectural firm specializes in the restoration of prestigious residences and the transformation of farms, ordinary buildings, wine estates, villas from the 70s into residences of character.

Nothing is impossible if the site and the environment are exceptional and worth it.

So in consultation with you Bérengère Leroy will define a unique artistic guideline for the interior and exterior decoration of your home and its network of exceptional craftsmen (art ironworkers, stonemasons, marble workers, cabinetmakers, etc.) will reissue the essential decorative elements in the old-fashioned way. to (re)give character to your home: fireplaces, fountains, ponds, pediments, stairs, gates, railings, volutes, moldings, plasterwork, etc.

Le architectural firm Bérengère Leroy will ensure that all these elements are patinated and aged and fit around the building as if they had been installed for centuries, so no visitor will be able to imagine that the restoration has just been completed; This is the secret of a beautiful restoration.

Inside the Firm architecture Bérengère Leroy will model your decoration project in 3 dimensions according to your tastes and desires and will be able to carry out your decoration project by harmoniously integrating objects from the biggest decoration brands or design your custom objects if you want ultra-personalization.

The dual competence of Bérengère Leroy in terms ofarchitecture and decoration will allow the visitor to remain in harmony when moving from the exterior to the interior of the residence and the end result of being in aesthetic balance between the interior and exterior.