Architect in Provence specialized in the renovation of old bastides

Architect specialized in the renovation of ancient bastides en Provence Bérengère Leroy will support you throughout your project.

Pre-project, draft, sketches, monitoring and reception of the work, the Bérengère Leroy architectural firm will be able to support you throughout your project.

Le Bérengère Leroy architectural firm has for expertise the architectural design and draws on the “couture” spirit and French chic of the Bérengère Leroy brand for the finishing details of its renovation projects, including Bérengère Leroy provides artistic direction.

The office ofArchitects Bérengère Leroy offers triple decorative expertise on all aspects of a renovation project: architectural design, interior design and garden design, the whole being closely linked to obtain aesthetic coherence and overall harmony.

Our Architects study the feasibility of your project and with its expertise, Bérengère Leroy chooses the aesthetic bias most suited to your place and its environment, then Architects Bérengère Leroy develop your facades and your perspectives freehand in accordance with the site, the garden and the exterior decorative elements (fountains, ponds, stairs, etc.).

Once the projectarchitecture approved, our teams of project managers monitor the renovation site until the work is received.

Bérengère Leroy architectural firm
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