Architect for the construction of a Provencal bastide in Saint Rémy De Provence

Architect in Saint Rémy De Provence Bérengère Leroy offers to assist you in the construction of your new Provencal bastide by giving it the necessary character so that no one can imagine that it is not an old bastide.

Specialist in the restoration and renovation of old country houses of character Bérengère Leroy architectural firm offers to provide you with its expertise in this area for the construction of your Provencal bastide.

Too many new bastides are failed because of facade coatings made by machine without relief, white stone window frames which give them a Las Vegas-style pasteboard appearance, poorly designed volumes or even a garden not in accordance with the construction.

The resale price is of course affected and the owners are therefore the first to suffer.

To avoid this for you, the design studio Bérengère Leroy will design all the exterior architectural elements which will give cachet and character to your new bastide (window frames, door pediments, bull's eye windows, balconies, railings, fountains, etc.) and will have them manufactured and patinated by its craftsmen. exception.

Inside Bérengère Leroy can assist you with the choice of materials for floors, ceiling finishes or all the other details that will make the difference.

Thus, thanks to the experience of Bérengère Leroy architectural firm in terms of restoration of ancient bastides in Provence , your bastide, although new, will amaze the visitor with its character and presence and Bérengère Leroy can also, if you wish, apply a haute couture treatment to the interior decoration.

Of course the Architects Bérengère Leroy support you throughout your project, from its design to final acceptance of the work, including obtaining the building permit.

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