Custom sofa in white washed linen MILLE ET UNE NUIT short skirt version

Custom sofa in white washed linen THOUSAND AND ONE NUIT

With its pompom cushions in peacock blue washed velvet, the white washed linen sofa MILLE EST UNE NUIT is an ode to bohemian luxury and will provide you with absolute comfort with

its 2 mattress toppers superimposed on a box spring.

It is made here in white washed linen with a black velvet braid and cushions with pompoms in peacock blue washed velvetbut you can give

give free rein to your imagination and compose your own custom sofa.

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Price: €1450 per meter, washed linen your choice included, finishing included.

Come order your custom sofa A Thousand and One Nights at the Maison Pernoise in Montpellier.