Custom linen or velvet sofa in Toulouse

Your tailor-made linen or velvet sofa Toulouse at very low prices

The Bérengère Leroy sofas are made by hand and entirely and Assistance, you can choose the length of your couch to the nearest centimeter and modify the depth of the models.

The price is unique regardless of the model and linen or velvet chosen: €1450 per linear meter including fabric and finish of your choice (cord, piping, nails, etc.)

(To calculate the price of your custom sofa it's simple and fun: for example for a length of 247 cm, simply multiply 2,47 m by 1450 €)

Come and try your tailor-made Bérengère Leroy sofas at Terra Rosa in Toulouse.

Custom-made sofa in washed linen? Custom sofa in natural linen? Custom sofa in crinkled linen? Custom velvet sofa?

To dress up your custom sofa discover the Bérengère Leroy fabric collections: washed linens, crumpled linens, natural linens, velvet ribbed, velvet anti-stain, vintage velvet, cottons, …

And to personalize it even more and make your custom sofa in linen or velvet a unique creation add a colored braid, piping or studs...mix them lens and velvet...