Avignon washed linen sofas

Your custom-made and personalized washed linen sofa in Avignon

At Bérengère Leroy your linen sofa washed is made by hand, removable, and manufactured entirely and Assistance : so you will choose your length to the nearest cm and can modify the depths and heights proposed by default.

Discover the collections of linens Bérengère Leroy with which to dress your linen sofa : washed linens, wrinkled linens, natural linens, linens mixed with cotton if you want more hold, in palettes of more than 50 colors.

As for the models, you can go for one linen sofa A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHT a real invitation to relax, or a MILA linen sofa more classic, or simply discover all the others.

You can give free rein to your imagination by mixing the colors of washed linens on your couch and adding a little touch of chic by adding a colored edging to the cushions or the structure.

And like the washed linen sofas Bérengère Leroy is removable you can order a 2nd cover and change the atmosphere of your sofa in the blink of an eye!

Price: €1450 per meter, washed linen included, edging included

Come and discover the linen sofas Bérengère Leroy at the Saint Rémy De Provence showroom 20 minutes fromAvignon and treat yourself to your custom sofa !