Verone soft washed chenille cushions Cheyenne

Noble blend of natural materials, couture finish, stone-washed and soft-washed effect for deep colors, a timeless and soothing touch.

Noble mix of natural materials, Verone cushions soft washed chenille are finished with stone-washing, which gives them a slight washed effect for deeper and delicately relief colors.

Their finish soft-washed or softened wash gives them this very different material touch which will delight your cozy breaks and let you bathe in a soothing bohemian chic atmosphere.

Finished with a delicate tapering of white linen, nature ou Black it will be the ideal companion for your linen or velvet sofas to which they will bring a little boho chic touch, it will also complete your bed sets with its luxurious bohemian elegance.

The soft washed chenille cushions VERONE CHEYENNE are available in all Verone colors soft washed chenille.

30 x 50 cm: €98

40 x 60 cm: €115

65 x 65 cm: €193

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