Is it possible to build a Provencal bastide today according to the rules of the art of the Grand Siècle?

Le Bérengère Leroy architectural firm build your provencal bastide in the rules of art

With a little more time, passion and know-how, it is possible today to completely build a country house in the manner of Great Provencal Bastides from the XNUMXth century with the aim that once the construction is completed no visitor will be able to notice that it is a new construction.

The Bérengère Leroy architectural firm has already carried out several projects of this type which were spread over several years, a time required for more careful and delicate finishes as well as the implementation of old materials, necessarily longer.

Passionate about the Grand Style 18th who left us our most beautiful architectural achievements Bérengère Leroy is particularly expert and talented in this area and will be able to bring you its know-how as well as its network of exceptional craftsmen essential to such projects.

The architects Bérengère Leroy will be able to carry out all the architectural sketches necessary for the study of the project, then draw all the architectural details which will give the essential character:

  • Corner chains
  • Bull's eyes
  • Window frames
  • Frames
  • Pediments
  • Bodyguard
  • balconies
  • Etc ...

These elements will then be reissued and patinated in the old-fashioned way by exceptional stonemasons.

The Bérengère Leroy architectural firm will then ensure that the lime coating is particularly careful and carried out in several passes in the old-fashioned way, only a few craftsmen still master this know-how, most of today's coatings being machine-made coatings which do not 'bring neither relief nor depth.

Certain essential elements such as roof tiles, old King's paving stones, cabochon floors, terracotta floor tiles or Burgundy slabs cannot be reissued due to lack of the character of the old ones;

With its network Architectural firm Bérengère Leroy will be able to supply these old materials.

Several sets of sequences or courtyards of honor made of cobblestones or old paving stones decorated with fountains or bird baths will also add character to the whole.

Inside, it will be necessary to take care of the ceilings and floors, create superb stairwells with their wrought iron banisters and stone steps, and of course superb fireplaces.

Again the teams ofArchitects Bérengère Leroy will produce the technical drawings and manage their manufacturing.

The gardens must be treated within a similar artistic guideline and be the subject of a global project to avoid any aesthetic imbalance.

Bérengère Leroy will also design all the decorative elements that compose them: pools, fountains, love pavilions, balusters, stairs, etc.

So yes it is possible thanks to the experience and know-how of Bérengère Leroy architectural firm in terms of restoration of ancient bastides in Provence to recreate an ancient bastide from scratch and ensure that all visitors imagine it has been there for centuries.