Have your custom sofa made in Paris


In Paris Bérengère Leroy manufactures your tailor-made sofa at a very reasonable price

Handcrafted by hand, your custom sofa will be manufactured in the length of your choice and you can modify the default depth of the models offered.

Single price of €1450 per meter, fabric and finish included, whatever the model. custom sofa Bérengère Leroy

(For example the price of a custom sofa length 185 cm is 1.85 x 1450 €, it's simple and fun)

To dress up your custom sofa, Bérengère Leroy offers you very pretty collections of lens washed, or velvet.

Each custom sofa Bérengère Leroy being unique you can personalize it by adding a colored edging or by mixing your fabrics.

And for the choice of model, what do you think of a custom sofa A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHT bohemian chic, a AMBER custom sofa with relaxed elegance and fully removable cover, a custom sofa SACHA a real invitation to laziness? And many others…

Click here to see the models custom sofas.

Come discover our custom sofas à Paris, Place Des Victoires, 54 rue Etienne Marcel in our store.