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Custom sofas: FREE Delivery and Sofa Cover *

From June 26 to July 23


1. Bérengère Leroy Custom Sofas 

-> Bespoke and personalized sofas

All our sofas are made to order, in the length and depth of your choice, with your choice of fabrics and finishes. 

BERENGERE LEROY offers a unique concept in the world, we adapt to the measurements of your interiors and not the other way around, and with each order you create a unique piece. 

-> Design of tailor-made corner sofas 

We manufacture your personalized corner sofa to the nearest centimeter, with armrest management according to your preferences.

-> Poufs for custom sofas 

Each sofa model has a corresponding ottoman that you can order in the size of your choice (length and width)  

But in general we recommend that one of the 2 dimensions of the ottoman be that of the depth of the sofa so that it can be aligned with the sofa without protruding. 

2. Fabric samples and care

-> Order samples for home testing 

Order fabric samples online or visit our showrooms for personalized advice. 

For the VOGUE range, you can order samples online for free. 

-> Fabric care guide 

Consult each fabric sheet on our site for specific care instructions.

3. Prices and transport of Custom Sofas

-> Calculate the price of your Custom Sofa 

It's very simple, you multiply the desired length by the price per meter, for example 2,35 m x €1790 including tax. (With the exception of Beverly and Sunset Angels fabrics which are part of the “couture” range and for which the price per meter is €1950)

If you wish to add a sofa cover, you add 2,35 mx €190 including tax, except for the NUDE sofa, for which the sofa cover is included. 

-> Calculate the price of my delivery 

  • For Custom Made Sofas:

Multiply the desired length by the transport price per meter (€102 including tax) for example 2,35 m x €102

This price includes delivery to the 3rd floor, from the 4thrd floor you will need to pay an additional €42 including tax per floor

Ski resorts are subject to an additional charge 

  • For sofas ordered online:

Deliveries are free in France, as well as for all other items ordered online.   

-> Calculate the price of my custom sofa with a greater depth than that offered by default 

Take the desired depth and divide it by the default depth of the sofa.

For example, if you want a Mille Et Une Nuit sofa 120 cm deep, you divide 120 cm by 95 cm (base depth) and multiply this ratio by the price per meter of €1790: 120/95 x €1790

4. Payment and financing options 

-> We accept the following payment methods 


-> Payment in several installments 

From €800 you can pay in 3 installments with ALMA 

5. Delivery times and floor delivery 

-> Delivery times for Custom Sofas 

Each sofa is made especially for you, “à la minute”, to avoid waste and overproduction. 

This means that our delivery times are 4 weeks, this wait is the signature of exclusivity. 

-> Delivery of sofas to my upstairs apartment, installation and method of making an appointment 

Our delivery people will call you to arrange an appointment with you, they will assemble your sofas in your living space, unpack them, install them and remove the packaging.  

Please note: make sure that the measurements of the stairwell or other access points allow the passage of your sofas, in the event of it being impossible to pass through, all representation and possibly basket costs will be your responsibility.

If you have the slightest doubt, call our showrooms to order your sofa in 2 parts:

Phone: 04 30 22 04 14

-> Track your order 

At each stage of the management of your order you will receive a tracking email

-> International shipping 

We do not serve all destinations on the eshop but can deliver worldwide on quote, do not hesitate to contact us at:

[email protected]

6. Return policy 

-> 14 days 

All items except those made to order can be returned in their original packaging within 14 days of their date of receipt. 

-> Are there any items that cannot be returned?

All products indicated “made to order” (certain sofas) or “cut to order” (all fabrics to cut).


-> Actions undertaken to respect the planet

All our items are made on demand, respecting our commitment to preventing waste and overproduction

All our items are animal-friendly and never contain feathers, fur or other elements of animal origin. 

Most of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing that they are free of substances harmful to health and the environment. 

Our foams benefit from the CertiPUR® label, ensuring that they are produced in compliance with the strictest standards in terms of sustainability and emissions. 

We use exclusively French wood from sustainably managed forests, reflecting our commitment to preserving the environment and supporting the local economy. 


Contact customer service for advice, questions, assistance 

[email protected] / Phone 04 30 22 04 14 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 19 p.m.)