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Preserve the beauty of your interior decoration

Most of our linen and velvet fabrics have a majority of natural materials and we avoid the use of synthetic products as much as possible, so they require special care.

They were designed with a sustainable mindset. Maintaining these natural materials requires some precautions:


All cleaning conditions of our linen and velvet are indicated on the sheet of the fabric concerned on our website. No complaints will be accepted in the event of non-compliance with the conditions indicated.

Tsar Velvet: a luxurious and durable feel

This velvet is renowned for its changing appearance depending on the direction of the hair. To ensure its durability, here are the 3 golden rules if you want to clean it:


The velvet is likely to mark during transport. You just need to brush the velvet in the direction of the pile or use the steam iron to straighten the pile correctly. You will thus regain all the shine of the fabric.


Absorb spilled liquids immediately by patting them with a dry cloth. This will avoid permanent marks. Do not rub so as not to spread the affected area more, this could embed the stain deeper and thus maintain the sumptuous appearance of your velvet sofa.


Dry cleaning in dry cleaning therefore remains the most effective way to maintain it. Many dry cleaners use the famous Sommières soil. Absorbent, it can remove stains without rinsing.

Care of stone washed linen Capri

For Capri stone washed linen, here are 3 golden rules if you want to clean it:

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Test a cushion cover beforehand, and measure it before and after, to ensure that the fabric has not shrunk.


Wash at 30° maximum with a mild detergent without bleaching agents. Above all, do not run a drum drying program for preserved linen quality.


The dimensions of linen may vary depending on the humidity level; to maintain its good hold, dress with a very slightly damp fabric.


It is important to distinguish between the treatment of the cushions and that of the structure:

For cushions (removable covers), prefer dry cleaning. If the structure does not undergo the same treatment, a difference in tones with the cushions may appear.

We therefore recommend that you carry out home cleaning by a specialist company.


Non-removable covers unless specifically requested when ordering, they can only be dry cleaned at a serious dry cleaner.

For complete details and personalized advice, visit our site and consult the dedicated product sheets. Ensure the longevity and beauty of your textiles by linen and velvet to preserve the longevity of your luxury interior decoration.