The Bérengère Leroy architectural firm in Saint Rémy De Provence

Installed at Saint Remy De Provence le architectural firm Bérengère Leroy brings together perspectivists, 3D-ists and Architects.

Our Architects make your sketches architectural freehand as part of a pre-acquisition or post-acquisition aesthetic transformation proposal: if you plan to acquire a building on an extraordinary site but the building is unattractive and this makes you hesitate, contact us so that we provide you with a perspective of aesthetic transformation.

Old-fashioned freehand sketching:

  • As part of a restoration project that you entrust us with our Architects produce perspectives, facades and freehand mass plans to allow you to visualize your restoration project integrated into its gardens.
  • The mass plans are made from plans or drone photos and make it possible to integrate the buildings with their gardens, their interior courtyards and to showcase them with their decorative elements (fountains, ponds, gates, etc.).

Perspectives in 3 dimensions:

  • Le architectural firm Bérengère Leroy realizes your perspectives in 3 dimensions to allow you to visualize your decoration project with the staging of your kitchens, dressing rooms, spa areas, swimming pool areas, interior courtyards and the integration of your furniture in each room

The elevations

  • Our Architects create your elevation plans to represent your building facades, dressing rooms, libraries, kitchens, reissued or new fireplaces, etc.

Technical drawings:

  • When we cannot find the old decorative elements necessary for a restoration project our Architects have them reissued or create new models
  • We produce technical drawings which will serve as execution plans for fountains, ponds, love pavilions, gates, window frames, door pediments, window frames, bull's-eyes, fireplaces, the moldings, the plasterwork, etc. which will bring the essential character to your renovation project and which we make old-fashioned by our exceptional craftsmen.

Le architectural firm Bérengere Leroy therefore has the mission to support you in your project of renovation or restoration of castle or country house in Provence and on the French Riviera allowing you to visualize the progress of your project at each stage.

Bérengère Leroy architectural firm
3 avenue Albert Schweitzer
13210 Saint Rémy De Provence
Tel: +09 53 69 45 03