Art and matter,

As a lover of “beautiful material”, I put it at the center of everything and offer you emotional collections which combine materials and create original artistic compositions.

Each Moodboard is a separate universe and constructs a real decorative dialogue conducive to poetic escape.

Personalized wide width washed linens heavy and deep, subtle velvets, linen sails large width with a rare weave, cotton linen soft washed chenille with a silky touch.

Made for the most part in the pure Italian textile tradition, a thousand-year-old know-how of finishing and weaving, according to OEKO-TEX organic standards.

From the creation of fabrics to manufacturing in our own workshops, the absence of intermediaries allows us to offer you exceptional fabrics and the making of your custom curtains at a very reasonable price.

No animal abuse, you will never find fur in our products.

The “couture” spirit and French chic are illustrated by our finishing details for your custom curtains : Tribal, Apache, Cheyenne,…nothing is left to chance.

Berengere Leroy