High-end and custom sofa store in Lyon

Simone Sisters, luxury and custom sofa store in Lyon

Come and compose your custom sofa, to the precise dimensions of yours, with the atmosphere of your dreams.

Your custom sofa Bérengère Leroy is a luxurious handmade product: you can therefore decide the length of your couch to the nearest cm.

To dress up your custom sofa choose from our many colors of washed linen, our Tsar velvets and mix materials.

To complete your personalization choose your sewing finishes, your couch will thus be a unique and exclusive creation.

Whatever the model of custom sofa that you choose, we offer you a single price of €1450 per linear meter including fabric of your choice, finishes of your choice and cushions.

Our washed linens and our velvets are OEKO-TEX certified, our foams are HR CertiPUR quality for exceptional comfort, and are manufactured according to OEKO-TEX organic standards.