Custom-made daybed chaise longue Mille Et Une Nuit

Elegance and timelessness, bohemian spirit inspired by the nomadic world for this daybed chaise longue Arabian Nights.

Icon of bohemian chic elegance signed Bérengère Leroy, the meridian daybed One Thousand and One Night is the little sister of couch Arabian Nights.

At the confluence of the classic spirit of French chic, elegant, sophisticated and timeless and the bohemian spirit inspired by the nomadic world, synonymous with travel, eclecticism and conviviality, the meridian daybed Mille Et Une Nuit invents a new, unique language of colors and natural materials that you can match according to your ideal.

And so that your meridian daybed Mille Et Une Nuit is totally unique and exclusive, choose your Bérengère Leroy “couture” finish: edging, edge to edge, Apache, Cheyenne, Tribal…

Without forgetting exceptional comfort, thanks to its 2 mattress toppers stacked one on top of the other, which are reversible and interchangeable in the event of a task.

Price: €1690 per meter including fabrics of your choice from the Collections Bérengère Leroy ( washed linens, soft washed chenille cotton linen, velvet …), 2 mattress toppers, 1 back cushion, 2 cushions 50 x 50 cm, 2 cushions 30 x 50 cm, “sewing” finish of your choice

(For example the price of one meridian daybed length 170 cm is 1,7 mx €1790)

La meridian daybed Mille Et Une Nuit is made here in length 170 cm and depth 95 cm.
You can modify the 2 dimensions according to your ideal, we manufacture it and Assistance like all Bérengère Leroy sofas, the folder can be deleted or put to the left or right.

Available in long skirt or short skirt version.