Renovation of a country house in Aix en Provence by the architectural firm Bérengère Leroy

The building with a surface area of ​​approximately 1200 m² on 150 hectares à Aix en Provence has no character and has been damaged by its successive owners who have carried out inconsistent constructions, but the environment and the site are exceptional and a prestigious restoration takes on its full meaning.

Our mission from the architectural firm Bérengère Leroy is to restore its character and imagine the aesthetic choices to be given to its architecture, its gardens and its interior decoration so that the building is commensurate with the scale of its territory.

To ennoble the building, architect in Provence, Bérengère Leroy will create an 18th century style courtyard, manage the alignment of the facades and design all the window frames, an important bull's eye, the cut stone staircase, the pediments as well as the double portals, the grilles entrance and glass openings in traditional ironwork.

The Bérengère Leroy architectural firm will structure and ennoble the gardens to bring them up to the level of the building by creating paths and circulations in the middle of which it will design and install fountains and bird baths, relaxation spaces more intimate by living hedges and create a superb love pavilion in cut stone in the middle of the central pool which will be the centerpiece of the estate.

The building now having the proud appearance of a pure 18th century jewel and gardens of the same type, it will be necessary to stay up to date for the interior decoration so that visitors continue to be amazed when they enter.

Decorator in Provence, Bérengère Leroy has therefore opted for a refined decoration giving pride of place to volumes and the pure beauty of the materials: 18th century cabochon floors and Versailles parquet floors, old-fashioned old oak framework, old 18th century fireplaces, precious chandeliers, banisters perfectly curved staircase and balconies with unique designs specially created for the place, alignment of oak doors with medallions in perspective for the lounges.

Le architectural firm Bérengère Leroy has also designed some exceptional large-sized upholstered pieces to sit in spaces in complete elegance but without excess or superfluity, they will sit alongside some magnificent objects from major decoration brands.

So the Workshop BERENGER LEROY will manufacture for the reception areas several huge sofas and chaise lounges in silk velvet with superb double rows of bronze nails decorated with silk piping, unique armchairs in the same finishes specially made for the owner of the premises and large curtains height made to measure and decorated with embroidered braids and discreet precious embroidery in the name of the estate.

For the rooms, the Atelier Bérengère Leroy will make king size headboards and footstools to match the curtains also made to measure.

An exceptional place requires a difficult exercise in deploying a triple know-how in terms of architecture, landscaping and decoration so that the 3 aspects remain in balance and that the aesthetics of the whole are perfect.

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