Custom curtains APACHE 2 linen and large width linen voile

APACHE 2 custom curtains are a blend of Jaipur wide-width linen and Au Clair De La Lune wide-width linen voile

En wide linen veil they are made up at their summit of a return in linen Jaipur, their originality and the tapering of linen by hand will give a little bohemian and precious touch to your interiors.

Available in white color in width 280 cm and natural color in width 300 cm to seamlessly dress your large windows, bay windows or doors.

Price: €140 per meter of height

(For example the price of a wide linen curtain 2,2 meters high will be 2,2 x €140)

Also available in small width 140 cm (price €75 per meter of height included, wide width linen, ruflette and strip of frayed linen)