Custom made Tsar Apache velvet curtains

Warm and cozy, the custom-made Tsar velvet curtains will warm up the atmosphere of your interiors by giving them a little “bohemian luxury” touch.

Their finish by vertical strip in linen tapered gives them that little extra touch and they will match perfectly with the cushions velvet Tsar Apache.

Available in all colors Tsar velvet.

Tapered linen strip in natural or black color.

To calculate the price of your custom curtains Tsar Apache is simple, for example for a height of 2,5 m (width 140 cm):
– Fabric: 2,5 mx €123 or €307,50
– Apache finish: 2,5 mx 2 x 10 €: 50 €
– Houlès style and ruflette: €30
Total: € 387,50