Custom curtains in large width linen voile Nuage

As if born from an enchanted dream, from infinite tenderness, the delicate ruffles of linen sails Nuage adds a touch of haute couture to the bohemian spirit.

The curtains Nuage are unique treasures of elegance and sobriety dedicated to immersing your room in an atmosphere as chic as it is soothing, an atmosphere of naturalness and lightness.

All of this custom curtains en linen veil let a light with a pinkish beige glow filter through, tinged with softness, their large width offers a harmonious and chic volume, enhanced by the refinement of the pleats.

Their delicate ruffles allow you to gracefully combine haute couture with a bohemian spirit.

With an ethereal beauty, as if born from an enchanted dream, the curtains Nuage will dress your windows or bay windows with their sober simplicity, with infinite tenderness.

Bathed in a divine pink luminosity, your interior decoration will only be enhanced.

Available in wide linen veil 330 cm Au Clair De La Lune in snow white, ivory, nature, coral, lagoon.

The large width linen curtains Nuage are priced at €165 per meter in height and width 330 cm.