BERENGER LEROY makes your custom curtains in large width linen voile Paris

in superb finishes, quickly and in a vast choice of pure linen curtains in large widths 280 cm, 300 cm and 330 cm.

All custom curtains in large width linen voile Bérengère Leroy are weighted by a lead wire for an elegant drape.

All colors are offered : white linen sheers, beige linen sheers, ecru linen sheers, brown linen sheers, gray linen sheers, black linen sheers, orange linen sheers, pink linen sheers, red linen sheers, and many others …

Different weights in 100% linen ranging from 100 g/m² to 200 g/m² large width linen curtains Bérengère leroy will allow you to decorate your windows lightly while letting the light pass through and adding a little touch of chic.

Large width linen sails will allow you, and this is very important, to seamlessly decorate your large Haussmanian windows, bay windows or doors.

The price of the making a custom-made curtain in wide-width linen sheer fabric is 45 € including the ruflette and hooks from Maison Houlès.

All large width linen voile fabrics (280, 300 or 330 cm) are €89 per meter.

To calculate the price of your curtains made to measure in large width linen net curtains, simply multiply the finished height plus 10 cm by €89 and add €45 for each curtain section.

For example, for a curtain made to measure in large width linen sheer curtain and finished height of 2,3 meters:

  • Price of the confection, the ruflette and the Houlès hooks: €45
  • Price of fabric: (2.3 m + 0.1 m) x €89 = €213.6
  • TOTAL PRICE: €45 + €231.4 = €258.6

And for this price your custom curtain in large width linen voile can be up to 3.3 meters wide (depending on the width of the fabric)! It's unbeatable!

Give us your dimensions, we deliver worldwide and delivery is free in France.

We also make your custom curtains in large width linen voile at :

  • Cannes
  • Saint Tropez
  • Nice
  • Monaco
  • Avignon
  • Marseille
  • Aix en Provence
  • Marseille
  • Lyon
  • Geneva
  • Brussels
  • Deauville