Bérengère Leroy makes your custom curtains in large widths in Paris

in a magnificent choice of 350 fabric references, all at €89 including tax per meter:

  • Washed and natural linens in wide widths 280 and 300 cm
  • Linen sails 100 g/m² or 160 g/m² in large widths 280, 300 and 330 cm)
  • Wide width silk taffeta (35 colors in 300 cm)

The price of the way custom curtain including the ruflette and the hook of the house houles is €45 including tax.

There is no extra charge for the style of great height or great width, a strip or an added braid.

The delivery of your custom curtains in large widths in Paris is free, give us your dimensions, we will send you samples of the fabrics of your choice and make your large width custom curtains in 15 days.

To calculate the price of your large width custom curtains it is very simple :

  • Take the finished height of your curtains to calculate the price of the fabric: for example 2.5 meters x €89 = €222.5
  • Add the method, the ruflette and the hooks from Houlès: €45
  • So the price of your custom made curtain in 2.5 m finished height is €222.5 + €45 or €267.5

Making your tailor-made curtains in Paris is therefore fast, inexpensive, simple and without surprises to calculate, hurry up.

We also make your custom curtains in large widths à :

  • Cannes
  • Saint Tropez
  • Nice
  • Mougins
  • Valbonne
  • Monaco
  • Aix en Provence
  • Saint Remy De Provence
  • Avignon
  • Lille
  • Brussels
  • Strasbourg
  • Nantes
  • Caen
  • Rouen
  • Le Havre
  • Bordeaux
  • Geneva