Custom-made curtains in white linen voile, large width Alika

Personalized linen curtains pure and timeless, an airy weave with finesse allowing the light to filter with a softness imbued with serenity and elegance.

A soothing fragrance, a deliciously soft and timeless atmosphere, evoking the exquisite serenity of a family home.

All of this curtains in linen veil pure with its airy weave play on a material effect of unequaled finesse, letting the light filter with a softness imbued with serenity and elegance, in the authenticity of the natural material.

The large width linen curtains Alika will envelop you in a captivating, timeless tenderness, they will be the perfect accessory for a decoration with a shabby-chic spirit, raw and authentic, in natural tones or in the purity of whites.

To pair with our Tsar velvets or our washed linens Capri.

The curtainx custom made in wide width linen voile ALIKA are weighted by a lead wire for an elegant drape and our system of heads will allow you to adjust your pleats depending on whether you want more or less pleating.

For a chic and elegant pleat, allow for a minimum width of 2,5 to 3 times the width of the window.

To calculate the price of your linen curtains measures large width 310 cm Dog it's simple, for example for a height of 2,8 m and a large width of 310 cm:
– Fabric: 2,8 m x €90 (price per meter of Alika fabric) or €252
– Houlès style and ruflette: €30
Total: € 272

Curtains manufactured and Assistance in the height of your choice.