Custom made Lyon velvet headboard

Bérengère Leroy manufactures your custom velvet headboard in Lyon

in a superb choice of magnificent velvets (easy cleaning, vintage, moiré, chenille, etc.) available in 150 colors to choose from.

Bérengère Leroy offers you around ten models for manufacturing your custom velvet headboard et Bérengère Leroy can also design your own model or reproduce an existing model.

You can choose your custom size to the nearest cm in height and length, so benefit from a authentic manufacturing of custom headboards on demand.

You can also personalize your custom velvet headboard :

  • You can choose your piping or overcasting in any fabric
  • You can choose your nailing
  • You can opt for old-fashioned upholstery

Piped, studded or padded finish, the choice is yours, everything is à la carte!

The height of chic, Bérengère Leroy can also embroider your initials on your custom velvet headboard.

The manufacturing time of your custom velvet headboard is 30 days and delivery of your custom headboard is offered to Lyon.

With Bérengère Leroy your custom velvet headboard will be unique because you deserve something unique!

Discover custom headboards et custom sofas at the shop SIMONE SISTERS à Lyon.