Madame Rêve custom headboard

Timelessness, femininity, luxury and artisanal know-how, upholstery or luminous studs, sensual and delicate curves for an invitation to daydream.

With its sensual and delicate curves, the bedhead Madame Rêve embodies a femininity that is as glamorous as it is elegant.

Its dressing linen or velvet can be padded in the old-fashioned way, or decorated with nails offering a voluptuous touch of luminosity.

Each bedhead is made to measure and by hand, the nails are installed by hand one by one, a beautiful association between craftsmanship and modernity.

The timeless charm of this bedhead is an invitation to daydream, in a world of luxury and tenderness.

You can choose your custom size (height and width) and your custom headboard can be made in any fabric from our collections: washed linens Capri, Tsar velvet, ...

90 140 cm x cm 495,00 €
140 140 cm x cm 715,00 €
160 140 cm x cm 825,00 €
180 140 cm x cm 980,00 €
200 140 cm x cm 1090,00 €
220 140 cm x cm 1290,00 €
Intermediate sizes at the price of the next size
Other sizes on quote